Learn how to improve your leadership and kick-start innovation with Casey Berglund, Calgary keynote speaker.

Purpose driven coaching is what gets Casey out of bed in the morning.


An expert on fostering purposeful and impactful leadership, her speaking engagements and leadership training demonstrate how mindful, embodied, and resilient people create successful, cohesive and hard-working teams.

Often, leaders are only concerned with practicing tactical skills. Yet practicing mindfulness, embodiment and wellness are just as, if not more, valuable. An investment in conventional leadership training only takes you so far. What happens when a team member is disengaged due to anxiety or depression? What happens when they are reactive in a high-pressure situation, resulting in a lost sale? Not only will this negatively impact your bottom line – it does so at an alarming rate.

According to a global study conducted by Gallup, 17% of Canadian employees are actively disengaged – which means they are unhappy, unproductive and spread negativity to colleagues. The actual cost of actively disengaged employees is 34% of their salary.


A mid-range employee paid $60,000 annually will cost your company $20,400 in productivity loss if they’re actively disengaged. For an executive making $100,000?

That loss becomes $34,000 a year.


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Add in the other 70% who are simply disengaged – meaning they’re unmotivated, unproductive, calling in sick, or providing substandard service – and your company is losing money at an alarming rate, while alienating new or existing customers. You and your team need to dive deep to truly amplify the soft skills required to be a cohesive, supportive, productive and engaged team. Leadership is not an equation. Your team can’t sit down and practice problems on a worksheet until they discover joy or wellness.

If this makes you nervous, Casey Berglund can help your team become healthier and happier; shaping them into better leaders and team players who find purpose in their role. Casey obtained her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Alberta in Nutrition and Food Science, became a registered dietitian, and shortly after trained in yoga. She then married her love of coaching and speaking with her love for food and yoga.

Working with the tools of mindfulness, embodiment, and wellness, Casey cultivates leadership and personal development within major organizations across Canada, speaking on Global News, The Current, CTV News and working with companies such as Chatelaine, Canadian Living and Best Health. Her unique tool kit has proven to provide real results for real people, helping individuals become better leaders, purposeful and engaged employees, and, as a result, create a stronger bottom line.

 Casey’s gift in communication is her ability to seamlessly bridge the gap between the philosophical concept of mindfulness and factual, hands on application of purpose driven leadership. Conventional business growth tactics are one-size-fits-all, but Casey tailors her public speaking events and leadership training to each audience, facilitating deeper transformations. This practical approach helps people tap into their true potential. 


Casey has given keynote speeches and leadership speeches on:

·       Preventing Burnout and Building Resilience for Dietitians Day (put on by Dietitians of Canada), 2019

·      Wellness, Resilience, and Leadership for Shopify, 2018

·      Mental and Physical Wellness for Canadian Young Farmers Forum (CYFF) National Conference, 2018

·      Practical Strategies to Enhance Chef's Health and Happiness for Annual Chef's Conference, 2018

·      Wellness and Work Safety for AMEC Foster Wheeler, 2017

·      Nutrition and Wellness for Shell Health Fair, 2016

·      Mindful Nutrition and Wellness for Saskatchewan Crop Insurance, 2016

·      Mindful Wellness for Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, 2015

·      Non-Diet Approach to Wellness for Crescent Point Energy, 2015


Curious what this looks like for your team?

Watch Casey in action as she guides the Canadian Young Farmers Forum team through a mindful breathing exercise. The farming industry often faces higher rates of mental illness due to uncertainty created by uncontrollable variables, rural isolation and lack of resources for support. By teaching them a new skill, these young farmers are better able to manage their stress levels.

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Not only has she given keynote speeches to reputable organizations, helping them with leadership development, but her accolades speak for themselves.

Casey has graciously accepted awards in:

·      Dietitians of Canada Member Recognition Award, 2016

·      Dietitians of Canada National Spokesperson

Discover the difference that mindfulness can bring to your leadership team.

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